Bike Services & Price List

Here’s the selection of services I offer for your bike. A £10 deposit is required at the time of booking, and will be deducted from your final bill. 

If you’re unsure which package you need, please get in touch for advice. 

BRONZE - £35

  • Check frame for damage cracks etc.
  • Full safety check of all components checking all nuts and bolts are set to correct torque.
  • Wheels trued (on bike).
  • Check chain for stretch with accurate “park tool” report given.
  • Check brakes and gears for correct operation and tune as necessary.
  • Lubricate drive train and brake pivot points


Price for Bronze service does not include parts

SILVER - £45

  • Bronze package, plus:
  • Wheels removed and trued in truing jig.
  • Cables checked and replaced as necessary.
  • Chain and cassette (rear gears) checked and changed if necessary (we advise changing as a set or will wear prematurely).
  • Headset checked and adjusted, replaced if necessary.
  • Brakes checked, pads changed if necessary.
  • Bike trimmed tuned and test ridden.


Price for Silver service does not include parts

GOLD - £110

  • Bike stripped down to the frame.
  • Frame valeted and checked for damage.
  • All components cleaned and de-greased.
  • All components checked and replaced as necessary.
  • Bike rebuilt with new cables and unsealed bearings.
  • Bike tuned and trimmed.

All other parts used are not included in the price.


  • Gold package plus.
  • Internally routed cables.

Please be aware that if major problems are found during the “Gold service” or “Gold Premium Service” the bike may need to be returned to our workshop for completion.

We advise the Gold and Gold Premium services be undertaken at our workshop from the onset.

We offer a free collection and delivery service to this end.

Service add-ons:

Puncture repairFrom £15 including new tube
Wheels truedFrom £15 per wheel
Chain and cassette replacedFrom £20 plus parts
Accessory fitting
(Lights, mud guards, bells, etc)
From £10
Hydraulic brake bleedingFrom £22 per wheel
Tyre recycling50p per tyre
Inner tube recycling20p per tube
For all other repairs contact us for a quote

We also offer £10 and £25 gift vouchers.

In addition to our bike service packages, we offer a new bike building service.
Contact me for more details: 07809775905

All prices are exclusive of parts unless otherwise stated.